Joe's Smoker Chips Set of 4 2-4cm

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ATTENTION GRILL FANS ::: BUY 4 PAY 3! ::: Ideal as a gift or to try out: Get the 4-piece smoker chips set (made of beech, oak, cherry and nut) for the price of 3! So you are well equipped for every taste.

THE AUTUMN: Joe's Smoker Chips NUT bring a strong, slightly bitter and ham-like taste. Walnut wood is best suited for grilling red meat, game and vegetables. To create a milder taste, walnut is often mixed with other woods.

THE ALLROUNDER: Joe's Smoker Chips BEECH bring a woody but balanced smoke aroma. They harmonize in taste with all types of meat, fish and poultry. It also gives vegan food and vegetables an excellent smoky note.

THE POWERFUL: Joe's Smoker Chips OAK is popular for its smoky taste and strong aroma. Oak is a versatile hardwood and is ideal for smoking red meat, pork and very fatty fish.

THE REFRESHING: Joe's Smoker Chips CHERRY are one of the most popular smokers with a sweet, mild and fruity taste. Cherry goes well with all dishes, particularly well with white meat, seafood, poultry, vegetables, cheese and vegan food.

MADE IN AUSTRIA - 100% NATURAL: Joe's smoker chips are sustainably made from natural, high-quality tree wood, hand-picked and packaged regionally. They are bark-free, dust-free and free of any chemicals. You can safely refine your meat or vegetables with the wonderful smoked taste.

SMOKED WOOD FOR MEAT, POULTRY, FISH and VEGETABLES - also perfectly suitable for VEGAN: Achieve the finest aromas and taste enhancement by adding the smoker chips, the type of wood harmoniously matched to the food being grilled. You have the ideal smoking chips ready for every item to be grilled.

SUITABLE FOR MANY GRILLS: Joe's smoker chips are suitable for all standard ball, stand and gas grills. With charcoal grills, the smoking chips can simply be placed on the charcoal, with gas grills it is recommended to use a smoking box.