Joe's Smoker Chips Nut

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THE AUTUMN: Joe's Smoker Chips NUT bring a strong, slightly bitter and ham-like taste. Walnut wood is best suited for grilling red meat, game and vegetables. To create a milder taste, walnut is often mixed with other woods.

MADE IN AUSTRIA - 100% NATURAL: Joe's smoker chips are sustainably made from natural, high-quality tree wood, hand-picked and packaged regionally. They are bark-free, dust-free and free of any chemicals. You can safely refine your meat or vegetables with the wonderful smoked taste.

MORE THAN BBQ! Even a handful of smoker chips give your food an excellent smoked taste. The chip size of 1-2 cm guarantees a particularly quick smoking experience. The chip size of 2-4 cm guarantees a particularly productive smoking experience.

CONSTANT PREMIUM QUALITY - PARTICULARLY COST-EFFECTIVE: Due to the very low residual moisture, a handful of smoker chips achieve optimal smoking behavior, so that a successful barbecue experience is guaranteed. The food-safe, extra strong packaging can be closed as often as required thanks to the zipper.

VERSATILE APPLICATION: Joe's Smoker Chips are suitable for all common kettle, free-standing and gas grills. With charcoal grills, the smoking chips can simply be placed on the charcoal, with gas grills it is recommended to use a special smoking box.